When Bjössi and Hilla took over the house in the 70s, it was only grass around the house. They rented 1000 square meters around the house from the landowner. In addition, they were allowed to use 300 square meters, and thus had 1300 square meters to work with. They started by fensing the area to avoid sheep and horses grazing in the garden. Bjössi used materials from wooden boxes to the fens around the house. The fens kept the animals from the garden and dampened the cold wind for plants and trees Hilla and Bjössi planted a in the garden. The garden was one of the finest in the area as long as Hilla and Bjössi had the power to care for it. During the last years they lived on Geiteyjarstrønd they worked to change the garden so that it should be easily maintained.

The garden can be used by guests in the house. Just remember to take care of the many birds that breed and seek peace and quiet in the garden.